Active Ingredients (Specialities)

Skin Lightening

Licorice based extracts.  Water or oilsoluble, powder.

Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein is surface modified to prevent melanin generation from the source, enhance lightening and freckle removal, and improve the stability and transdermal absorption of the product.


Ceramides with surface modificationfor improves the oil solubility of ceramide and promotes its absorption. Water,oil,


After surface modificationhad better transdermal absorption effect and anti-aging effect, strongerstability and better compatibility. ( for example various rosmary extracts)


Moisture Complex

multi-dimensional moisturizing structure of human body science. A long-term moisturizing andwater locking platform is matched with natural moisturizing factors and other moisturizing ingredients to achieve super multi-dimensional moisturizing and long-term moisturizing

Algae Extract

From pure deep-sea brownalgae, it is naturally nourished. It has good moisturizing and moisturizingproperties, which can promote cell division and activate cells.


mainly including Shikon Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Licochalcone from natural plants, and Zinc PCA.

Biomimetic Peptides, Botox

These substances are what hold skin together and keep it firm. Peptides can control factors that contribute to skin tone, sensitivity, hormonal activity, and more. Biomimetic peptides can be added to cosmetic formulas in an effort to achieve specific results like wrinkle reduction, moisturization, or skin barrier recovery


Seaweed based emulsifiers

24K gold flakes for cosmetics

Silver, copper, palladium, platina for cosmetics

Butylene Glycol – plant derived

Vegan collagen


Cold Pressed Oils

Essential Oils

Cold Pressed Oils Organic


Infusion Oils

Refined Oils


and others ( not all products are listed. Please contact us with your requirements)

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